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Arizona Investments

The dramatic growth now been seen in Arizona and in particular the Phoenix area, offer significant opportunities for investors. The combination of a wonderful climate, growing job market and affordable housing is lurking the people not only from California, but from states around the USA.

Seeing the emerging investment possibilities, John G. Davi obtained his Arizona Brokers License in 2003 and has since brought over 90 Northern California investors to the area, in projects as diverse as rental property, commercial buildings and land development.

Residential Investment Property

Housing prices in the Phoenix area have climbed more then 30% in the last year. Still, the average home price is very a affordable $210,000! The opportunities range from existing homes in the famous Scottsdale area, to newer homes in the up and coming communities of Gilbert, Chandler and Surprise. With a full time office now in Scottsdale, John G. Davi Properties can present you with several options to meet your investment needs. A 2,000+ square foot house with a pool for $200K, in a wonderful neighborhood? It's a reality in the Phoenix area! And, with the population expected to double in the next 20 years, demand will only increase.

Commercial Investment Property

Just like residential housing, your money goes farther in Arizona. Cap rates of 10% make for exciting investment opportunities in this growing region. With the booming population, demand for doctor's offices, professional centers and office space will continue to grow.

Land Development

In 2004, the Metro Phoenix area surpassed Atlanta to become top new home builder in the USA, Issuing almost 57,000 new home permits. These numbers are expected to continue growing in the coming years.

Although the Metro Phoenix area seems to be surrounded by wide open space, the vast majority of these is Indian Reservation and State land. In reality, the land available to house the growing population is diminishing rapidly.

In 2002, John G. Davi Properties began working with Ky Vek Development LLC on several land development projects in the up-and-coming areas of Metro Phoenix. Through a solid combination of strong local contacts and an understanding of where home builders are moving next, John G. Davi has been able to provide significant unique and profitable opportunities to Monterey investors.

In addition to opening the Scottsdale office, John G Davi and Marcus J. Davi have created a specialized business. TSV Investments LLC, focused exclusively on these development investment opportunities. Working with Ky Vek Development to purchase farm land and have it zoned and developed to "paper plat" status, investors have seen total rates of return in excess of 100% in deals that take 2 to 3 years to complete.


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